Car Rental Terms and Conditions

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Hire!

The below T&Cs may change without notice.

Do I need a credit card to hire a car?
The customer must produce a credit card at the time of pickup. Debit cards and LOA's are not permitted. The credit card holder must be present when the vehicle is collected. Visa debit cars are accepted at major locations, please call the car rental company to find out more details about visa debit cards.
Will my overseas driver's license work for New Zealand?
If you have held a valid, unrestricted driver's license, for a minimum of 12 months and it is in English you will not require an international permit.
Are the quotes comprehensive of all fees and charges?
For the most part the quotes are comprehensive for Airport Recovery Fees, Goods and Services taxes, and third party insurance. You would need to pay for any optional extras ordered at the time of pickup i.e. child seats, excess reduction, GPS.
How old do I need to be to hire a car?
You should be at least 21 years old to hire a car. An extra age-surchage would be applied if your age is 21-24. Please note that not all the cars are available to young drivers.
How can I hire a GPS?
You can hire GPS using our website or at the time of pickup. GPS are subject to availability and can not be guaranteed. GPS prices are not included in your quote.
How can I hire child seats?
Please use our search box and add child seats in your car rental search. Child seat prices are not included in your quote (unless shown in price breakdown).
How do I change my booking?
You should cancel your existing booking by using our modify booking page, then you would have to make a new booking from our cheap car rental page.
Will I be charged if there is an additional driver?
Yes, There may be a charge applied for additional driver. Please read full terms and conditions for your booking.
How can I modify or cancel my booking?
Please refer to your confirmation email to modify or cancel a booking. Normally, a link is provided at the bottom of the email. Alternatively you can make changes using our modify/cancel page
What can I hire for more than 5 passengers?
All of our vehicles and 4WDs have only got maximum of 5 seats. You would need to rent an 8 seater van for more than five persons.
How can I rent 7 seater 4WDs?
None of the major car rental companies offer 7 seater 4WDs, you could either rent a 5 seater 4WD with major companies or you would need to rent a van for more than 5 passengers.
Do car rental companies provide oadside assistance?
Yes, car rental companies provide some form of road side assistance but it really depends on type & location of a breakdown. Please ask the counter staff for more details.
How can I book a particular color or model?
We are sorry, none of major car rental companies would provide a guarantee for a specific vehicle model or make. You might get a similar vehicles from the same category that you have booked in.